100K Factory Revolution Review and Bonus

100K Factory Revolution Review and BonusWhen I initially heard about this 100k factory training, I thought it’s a non-working old re-hashed method.But it’s not like that; this training works really like magic. Here I’m going to share an in-depth 100K Factory Revolution review with members area inside look overview.

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Thanks for checking my 100K Factory Revolution Review post.  Here I wrote this review in a manner that what I like and dislike about this training with some tips and suggestions for your fast breakthrough.


Product Name:100k Factory: Revolution
Hosted By:Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
Price:$2497 (Installment Option Available)
Where to Buy

The basic concept behind 100K Factory: revolution training system is to help people to build their own $100k+ per year income through eCommerce business based upon a stable and result proven blueprint used and succeeded by Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, and their students.

What You Will Learn From This Training.

  • A to Z about eCommerce Business.
  • Own Your First eCommerce Website in Matter of Minutes.
  • Genuine High Converting Facebook Buyer Traffic Loopholes.
  • Sell Products Globally that You Don’t Own or Have.
  • Automatically Convert Each Visitors into Sales!.
  • Build Multiple Stores in Different Niches.
  • Generate Multiple Streams of Income Online.


How I Get Into This Training

Like a lot of ordinary people, I desired some money to supplement my regular earnings and help my family. I had thought about a part-time side job sometimes. However, disliked that choice since it would take me far from the family, which makes me more upset, and most likely it pays less.

I wished to have the ability to work from home. I had surfed the web for many years and had typically thought about the concept of taking the part time job in the internet world. I had checked out some data on using the internet and found that the increasing trend of houses with computer systems and read a newspaper which says that high portion of Christmas shopping done over the web.

That’s huge numbers!

On that exact time, my friend Johan shared about a training called 100k factory ultra edition (which is the second edition of this training series). As I am hungry to learn more about the online selling technics I invested some of my hard earned money into this training system with the hope of Return on Investment (ROI). I chose to jump in with both feet to know how I can sell online and make some profit to support my family.

As I am hungry to learn more about the online product selling technics I invested some of my hard earned money into this training system with the hope of Return on Investment (ROI). I chose to jump in with both feet to know how I can sell online and make some profit to support my family.

ecom earning proofMy decision was not wrong, and I gained huge profit within the period of 45 days. Expressing my feelings of those days in this article is not possible. I was double happy and partied with my family. And nowadays earning much profit than my full-time job and thinking about quitting it and focusing only on this online business.

Expressing my feelings of those days in this article is not possible. I was double happy and partied with my family. And nowadays earning much profit than my full-time job and thinking about quitting it and focusing only on this online e-commerce business.

By the way, On this February Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth is going to host more advanced version of 100k factory training. So I decided to make an in-depth write up about this training system. Let me get you more details about this training soon. But before I get into that you will need to know what is eCommerce and how this business model can help you to build a profitable online business.

What is E-commerce

Purchasing and selling of services, products, sending of information or funds over an electronic network, mainly the internet (web) is what called E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC). E-commerce has gone on to end up being one of the most common kinds of online business. The market began growing when people started to share electronic files in the 1980s, followed by the launch of sites like Amazon and eBay in the 1990s.

There are lots of advantages over using e-commerce, let me outline some of the significant benefits here:

  1. Offer Services/ Products for 24×7, 365 days.
  2. Speedy Access to the Products or Services.
  3. Can Offer Wide Range of Services and Products.
  4. Offer Products All Over The World by Utilizing International Shipments.
  5. Fewer Maintenance Costs.

Below is a simple video which will get you more details about e-commerce business model in the simple and easiest way.

If someone asks me exactly what is the finest method to make money online, my number one suggestion would be eCommerce business.

Ok… So, you desire to establish an E-commerce website.

Right now is the best time to do. Have a great mentor like Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton with their result proven 100k factory eCom business blueprint helps you to build an empire from zero. Click here to know more in detail.

What is Dropshipping

The term drop shipping is the best strategy to build a profitable online e-commerce business with zero up front. By utilizing the strategies shared inside on this training we could sell products that we don’t own.

Are you Shocked?

Hm!… That’s 100% correct. We don’t need to see or handle the product directly. When a buyer purchases a product from our store, we just need to give details to third party seller, and they will take care of the shipment of goods, and we share a percentage of profit with the third party seller.

Aidan and Steve mentioned more about drop shipping on their free pdf report. You can grab this free report from here.

Compared to the typical retail model we as a merchant don’t need to have the product stock or inventory. We just outsource the complete task to trusted third party seller, and they will take care of the most works. We just need to send targeted traffic (visitors) to our store.

There were huge advantages of using drop shipping way of selling online.

  • Less or Zero Investment on Product Creation.
  • Easier to Get Started the Business.
  • Huge Selection of Quality Products to Sell.
  • Less Work and Overhead.
  • Easier to Scale the Business.
  • Sell All Over The World.

Ok, now let us learn more in detail about this training system and how this would help you to gain some profit online.

What is 100K Factory: Revolution

The 100K Factory: Revolution is completely a step by step training system hosted by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. This training teaches ways to create and run profit pulling online business from scratch.It helped more than hundreds of students to earn 4, 5, and even 6 figure online profit from their eCom business in a matter of 60 days.

The Revolution edition is the 3rd version of this training series, and it’s the last and final version too.

I have investigated more about this training before making my purchase. Here on this post let me point out what I found during my research with my opinion about this course.

100K Factory System – Comparison Table

 100K FACTORY (First Edition)100K FACTORY ULTRA (Secound Edition)100K FACTORY REVOLUTION (Third Edition)
Launch Year201520162017
Stratergy UsedViral SiteViral eCommerceViral eCommerce + Dropshipping
MonetizationAdsenseAdsnse + Affiliate MarketingAdsnse + Dropshiping
PottentialMedium - HighMedium - HighHigh
Traffic SourceFacebookFacebookFacebook

The initial version itself created the huge buzz in online marketing world. The strategy shared inside made lots of 4 to 5 figure earners from first edition itself.

100K Factory (First Edition) –  This first edition closed it’s access to new students after getting thousands of students. As because of this, I missed the first version access. But from my research, I found that the first edition is about creating viral websites with using other people’s contents and utilizes Facebook traffic to reach $100K+ per year goal. As per the training host words, we need to have more than 4+ such websites to reach 100k+ profit margin.

This business model is scalable, and even it has the potential to build million of dollars empire as like ViralNova, BuzzFeed, 9GAG, Upworthy, etc. Even I own one website similar to them and cashing from it smartly.

100K Factory Ultra Edition (Second Edition) –  The Ultra edition is the second version of this training series, as because of the initial release was hugely successful. People like me ready to buy this training course.  We have eagerly waited for the cart open date.

In this versions monetization strategy was entirely different from the first version and profit potential is the same or little bit more than the first edition. But the main thing is we don’t need to have these 4+ sites to reach 100k per goal. Just one website is enough to achieve this aim.

In Ultra Edition teaches us about e-commerce business model. The traffic source is similar but improved a lot with a different strategy called viral e-commerce. By taking action as per their blueprint, I was made my investments back in 45 days. I think I shared my first earning proof above on this post. Those earnings were purely from following ultra edition strategies.

100K Factory: Revolution (Third Edition) – Now let us talk about the Revolution version. It is a combination of the first and second edition, but the profit margin is higher than these two editions.

It is what we want. 🙂 Am I Right?

Yes 🙂

In the Revolution edition mixed up with viral eCommerce business and drop shipping of products online. As because we have the full control over the product we can choose the product price. But, don’t forget.. to compete with others in the same industry we need to provide the high-quality product with a budget range price.

Becuase of utilizing Facebook traffic and viral eCom business model we could get a lot of targeted traffic to our store and make lots of sales. Let me share more details in the upcoming paragraphs, but before you start to learn about this training, I would like to introduce the training hosts Mr: Aidan Booth and Mr: Steve Clayton.

Who is Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton are the hosts of the 100K Factory course. They partnered to produce an efficient and high-quality digital marketing course to the word. Today we will find out a bit about the hosts of this fantastic training course. Let us look at their backgrounds, motivation and just know how exactly they concerned to produce this training together. These two mentors helped lots of students to earn 4 to 6 figure annual income within a matter of days. Let me give more details about them below.

Aidan Booth – 

His Background

  • Aidan grew up on a farm in a little rural town in New Zealand.
  • When he married Carolina, he was required to move to Argentina in 2003. A Spanish spoken nation, therefore he might not see any job.
  • It drove him to search for a job in online, and all of us understand this can open his world to many opportunities.

Know about his Journey in short

In 2005, he chose to create his very first website called www.aidanbooth.com. The website was just a careless site in the beginning. He utilized paid traffic to get sales from this site. He made some cents occasionally. However, he recognized this was small amounts.

He then did his research and which led him to begin affiliate websites and eCommerce stores. But, it collapsed in Google’s ‘May Day’ algorithm updated held in 2010 and lost some of his websites. Anyhow he managed it and got up with more power by making huge some of the profit by using other sources of online traffic. He partnered with Steven Clayton and Tim Goddfrey a couple of years earlier. Now he reveals what made helped him to grow much faster in digital world on this training system.

Steve Clayton – 

His background

  • Steven is a well knowledgeable digital marketer.
  • He has several degrees in mathematics, accounting, computer science and business.
  • Moreover, he worked as an expert to variety of recognized international business corporations like Marriot, AIG, and CBS.
  • He was previously the Vice President and CFO for a Fortune 500 company.

Know about his journey in short

Steven is much older than Aidan with a lot more experience in the web marketing world. After studying for lots of years and acquiring his 4 degrees, he went on to hold high positions in the world’s biggest corporations. Steven was worked as a technology leader, executive, manager, and director for these corporates. At the beginning of 2013, he met Aidan and started their venture from there. This partnership made them both hugely successful.


Above, I have pointed out quickly the stories of these two guys and exactly what brought them to interact. Aidan, smart as he is, as he was well on the web and digital marketing.


He had one theory that was working, and he stayed with it. It was making him a fair bit of money. When he met Steven, his world completely imploded a lot.


Steven, being an expert online marketer and business owner, introduced Aidan to a new world of opportunities. Together, they developed lots of affiliates, drop shipping and other eCommerce websites.


Just recently, they chose to combine their understanding into an excellent training known as 100K Factory. This training has been helped many trainees to grow their online business. They share all their mistakes and their useful approaches to make money online. The very best part is that the 100K factory is readily available to the general public from February 28 to March 6.



Benefits of Having This Training System

Predictability – One excellent feature of this brand-new eCommerce course is that people can be able to offer products without needing to buy stock. It likewise teaches an accurate approach that removes dangers unconditionally, through routine screening with certain products. Due to this, users are getting a smooth platform, which is prepared to utilize and problem free.

Convertibility – What makes the 100K Factory Revolution stand apart from the similar programs is the capability to convert high traffic. Which means this will; helps to get inexpensive advertisements that give return fast and with extremely high conversions. Facebook is one main channel to provided targeted traffic to our stores within a brief time.

Scalability – Unlike websites like Amazon where users are needed to purchase stocks before selling, By using the 100k factory platform reduces financial difficulties. Furthermore, the sites that taught to build are high quality and still simple to reproduce.

This version appears similar in some cases compared to the second and very first release. But compared to profitability the Revolution edition goes to top notch. This course teaches people how to offer products that even don’t own or have not seen through their eCommerce stores.

The techniques are much simpler as compared to the first and second versions methods. This will be one of the finest course which helps students to make a huge profit in 2017 and the near future.

Students just need participating in 8 weeks of training for finishing the live training sessions. By the time they complete training, they will have gotten abilities and in-depth understanding that will be an achievement ahead of a lot of digital marketing programs out there in the web world.


Members Area Overview

The 100k factory: Revolution mebbers area includes lots of stuffs to help us grow much faster. Added top notch training, live webinars, application tools, support system and some extra bonuses.

7 Simple Steps to 100K

100 k factory 7 step revolution

1) Hand-Pick a ProductFrom the Profitable Product Database Tool

Choose the right product which has the high beneficial chance using the tool available inside the member’s area.

2) Install Your StoreUsing on-click System

Can easily install our Shopify store in a matter of minutes with high-quality products data.

3) Identify Your BuyersUsing Advanced Audience Tool

Find more details about audience through the tool available in the member’s area. Which can help us to know more information about our targeted audiences like how many, gender, demographics and other interests, etc.

4) Initiate Traffic MachineWith Ad Guru Software

Using the Ad guru software application to send traffic to our store by using the power of Facebook advertising. We can start from as little as $5per day and scale it up when we see returns.

5) Optimize Conversions Boost Your ROI

This will helps to test, tweak campaigns and grow our return on investment.

6) Launch your Super-Funnel To Scale Up Your Profits

Helps to get more sales from the same buyer by adding some super funnel tactics shared in the training.

7) Rinse and RepeatEarn $100K.. Then Keep on Scaling

Now repeat the process with different products and scale your income.

Exactly What are the Features Available?

  • Training – Complete step by step instruction with video and eBook modules. These training outline the best ways to produce your online eCommerce store and ways to market profit from it. Steps and methods to build your drop shipping and affiliate site also included. Also, includes live weekly webinars to solve your queries and with more advanced strategies shared inside these weekly live webinar.
  • Tools – One of the greatest thing about this training is the built in software application tool available inside the member’s area. Which helps to speed up our process and saves a lots of time.
  • Support System – This offers you complete addition access to Aidan and Steve’s group with 90- days of full support. Also, it consists of 90 minutes Skype calling assistance with a full evaluation of your site. Plus you will have access to their personal Facebook mastermind group.
  • Advertising Credits – Facebook, Google Adwords, and Bing Advertising credits to start your marketing project fast and cheaper.

More on Training Modules (The 100K Alliance)

Phase 1 – As I told you, in the beginning, this blueprint utilises dropshipping way of e-commerce business. That’s we don’t need to own a product to sell. We just outsource it to China for lower cost and make double or triple the investment back. You will learn more and how to do this with zero investment are shared one this phase. These modules helps to find the highly profitable products which can get more than 5% conversion rate. Also, helps to build your first Shopify store in a matter of minutes.

Phase 2: This phase solves a big problem. Yes, i’m talking about the site traffic (website visitors). Here the mentors help us to get directly cheap traffic from Facebook and other sources. These traffic convert very well. Even we can start sending traffic to our store for little as $5. Every students inside this training strated from this basic amount and increased the daily advertising budgect from there.

Phase 3: This phase will help you to build an empire of multiple niche based stores and scale it to a multi-million dollar business. It is what every one of us needs. It is really simple, and we know the stratergies to build $100k on one store using this proven blueprint just reapet the blueprint with other niches. You can create as much as possible stores and grow your empiere.

More on Application Tools

The best thing about this revolution training is the tools available inside the member’s area. The “100k Command Center” is the back bone of this training. It’s the control panel of our eCom business.

This 100k Command Center tool helps us to find the very best and high profitable product niche ideas and strat to build Shopify store based on that niche in a push of a button. Also, this tool helps to track each stats and optimize our stores to get more return on your investment. Each operation performed by different application software’s available in the Command Center tool. Let me point out what they are and how they will help us to grow.

* 100k Ignition Packs

This tool helps to faster the niche research process. It contains over 500+ niche ideas and thousands of products database. Each Ignition Pack includes audience details, done for your Facebook advertising campaigns and Social Influencers (Highly influenced facebook page and youtube channel details) data.

As we all know, market research is an important task. If we fail on this part our business will fail completly. But, not any more. These niche packs really helpful for us. I think they are adding new niche ideas every month or so.

* 100K Accelerators

This tool helps to build fully optimized Shopify stores according to the niche we choose. Also includes some extra features like,

  • Facebook audince group targetrig
  • High quality ads creating wizard
  • Auto robotic features, this will help to process and complete each order made in our store automatically. that’s no need to drop ship or anything like that manually.
  • Product Picker – Find the best product from the databse of millions and add details about that product to our store in matter of secounds.

* FB Ads Tool

A game-changing Facebook marketing tool. That’s what we can mention about this tool. It help us to create, manage and optimize Facebook ads. This tool helps to get targeted buyers traffic through Facebook advertising. This one tool is enough to buy this training. I have no more words to mention about this tool.

* Operation hub

Its works like a master mind group of people and support system. Included private facebook group access for the students. Here we can get direct access to our mentors for support.

What are the Pros and Cons?

  • The web-based training well-ordered, training start in a newbie friendly way of teaching.
  • We can set up our web store instantly, get traffic in a just a little time and in this manner, we could earn immediately.
  • Tools inside this course have tremendous value, and this saves us lots of time.
  • 60 days of money back guarantee offered. But I thnk no need of that if we follow the training and the action we could easily get our investment in double or triple.
  • Support system and Facebook community are excellent.
  • Some features and training till need to added, hope they will add on the way.
  • There is another cost to you that not mentioned. To get your store running on Shopify platform, you need to pay some money. But anyhow they offer some free trails.
  • Contains lots of bonus offers, some of them are not needed for me right now.


 Extra eCommerce Business Growth Tips #1

Top 5 eCommerce Web Designing Trends That You Must Need to Aware of

🌟 Big Backgrounds: Large images and video backgrounds have ended up being a pattern these days eCommerce sites style. However, just some stores followed it. Big Backgrounds assists brands to develop their storytelling and simplify to draw the attention of purchasers to unique product or services.

🌟 Rich Moving Animations: We understand that animation is the very best method to engage users; many online services have begun injecting it into their styles to make online shopping experiences more playable and pleasurable. Keep in mind; animations can make your consumers seem like you appreciate their experience on your eCommerce store.

🌟 Hidden Menus: The Hidden menu continues to be a favorite of designers since it tidies up of lots of mess on eCommerce websites. These lists primarily utilized in mobile gadgets. However, they have gradually made their method into desktop styles too. In 2016, lots of online shops have been using covert navigation menus on big and little screen gadgets and 2017 onward this trend will continue to grow in upcoming years too.

🌟 Long Scrolling Websites: It is a model for a very long time, and everybody is utilizing long scrolls. There are some benefits of a long scrolling like which helps easy navigation, and great scrolling attracts users to remain longer, promotes interaction, unlocks for more app and works well with touch controls.

🌟 Responsive Web Design: Responsive website design is an essential requirement for the majority of sites today. Producing a multi-gadget assistance of your site is crucial.

I hope this top 5 e-commerce website design trends will help your stores to get more sales. All the best and keep rocking in 2017.


 Extra eCommerce Business Growth Tips #2

The Best Ways to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your E-Commerce Website

The last few years has seen a rapid increase in the appeal of e-commerce. From a brand-new, tentative topic, e-commerce has gone on to end up being one of the most common kinds of service.

The advantages of e-commerce are numerous benefits like:

  • Being readily available round the clock. (24×7, 365 Days)
  • The speedy access to services and products.
  • Accessibility of a wide range of services and products
  • International shipments.
  • Competitive costs.

As observed by the leading e-commerce site, all these aspects point to one standard specification.It is customer care that owns an organization, and this is no various for electronic commerce.

User recall and engagement are the most important aspects that assist enhance conversion rates of an e-commerce site.

A site that is enticing and fast to take a look at, with sufficient stickiness on the web page, will immediately have a greater conversion rate than a site which requires time to load and has little material that can be of any interest.

Be ready for more tips, let me get you more information.



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